Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Evil Thing of This World

OK, I know that there is more than just one evil thing in this world, but really, I DON'T CARE!

Now, the evil thing I was talking about is math. I woke up this morning, wanting to go back to bed.

Not caring that my sister bought us donuts for desert.

Not caring that the sun was shining.

Not caring about much of anything or anyone but myself.

Because you see, there is an evil thing that exists every  school day, and it is called math.

Seeing as how today is a school day, I did not want to get out of bed.

Of course I did anyway.

I went upstairs and ate the donuts, all the while being thankful that it wasn't oatmeal.

I went back downstairs and started the fire, thinking about how thankful I am that we have something to heat the house.

I went back upstairs and worked in the kitchen, thankful for my family.

I went downstairs and did my math, thankful I had already finished half my lesson and that it was so easy.

Then I got bored with sitting on my bed doing nothing, (and I was NOT going to do another lesson of math) so I went upstairs and with a notebook in hand, bugged my mom.

You see, I have decided that I want to work on high school level stuff, so that when I get to high school I am better prepared.

Anyway, I went upstairs and talked to my mom about subjects needed, and we start talking.

Here is the list we came up with:

  • Math
  • Bible
  • History
  • Writing
  • Science 
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Geography
  • Currant Affairs
  • Home Economics
  • Arts and Crafts
Then we started talking about math, and what book I need to be in for 8th grade. I grabbed the book, and it randomly fell open to the evil-ist part of the evil book. 
The conversion factor.

Does it make sense to you!?
Yeah; me either!!

P.S. This is an old post, I am actually starting High School on Tuesday.  I am still trying to understand math, so feel free to explain the math stuff...
P.P.S. I am no longer able to say math is evil..... But this is an old post so it is ok, right?
P.P.P.S. I asked my mom and she said I could post it even though I said math was evil...but I'm not saying that anymore. Or at least not very often :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dinner is Served!

This is slightly old, but I still wanted to post it...

I made dinner all by myself!!!

It was quinoa with chicken and rice.

Here are some pictures:o)

Oh! I almost for got the gravy! I was able to remember how to make it without my mom's help!
I was super excited!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Evil Villains...

They come up in most books, movies, and stories.
I am here to tell you that some come up in my daily life too.
Here they are... (that is, the ones in my life)

The Alarm Clock (well not so much the alarm clock, I don't particularly like waking up early enough that I need it)

The Cell Phone (or rather talking on the phone. I simply hate it. It terrifies me...)

Weeds (they are SO hard to get rid of)

Chores (they NEVER end!!!) not really, they just are BORING!!!

Messy Bedrooms (they are seemingly everlasting)

Unmade Beds (uggg. You have to make them every morning...)

and last, the worst villain in history...

MATH  (I am not allowed to say I hate it -even though I do- so I have discovered new ways to express my dislike)

Those are some villains in my life... 

Yours might be different, but I'm pretty sure you have some also.
Enjoy your day:o)

Friday, August 10, 2012


None of my favorite blogs have new posts, so I'm going to post on my blog again.

I just don't know what about....

I could post about my siblings health challenges, or therapy, or the floor in our living room, but all those things are boring. (especially the floor...)

I guess I'll post about my writing...

I've written a children's story and have been working on illustrating it.

The creation of a page is very fun, so I will show it to you.

First I pull out two black pages for a background. 

 Then I raid my mom's pantry for random lids to use as planets and lay them out.

I fiddle around for a while, trying to find the perfect layout.

 (O.K. The fiddling around wasn't so much with the lids planets as with the camera...and cat)

Next step is to choose colors.

Then cut out the planets.

After the planets are cut out, I arrange them (again) on the background.

Of course, the planets (and the sun) need more detail and faces.

So I pull out one of my favorite toys tools to use. They are watercolor pencils.

Decorated planets...

and the (almost) finished product.

I still need to add stars and give the sun a face, but haven't finished it yet..

Monday, July 16, 2012


I was in Africa a few weeks ago, and wanted to mention something...
Actually, I ate about ten and no, it was NOT my idea. (I did do it voluntarily though.)
 I will now show you the process.

Finding them was interesting. All we had to do, was find some rotting wood, and pull them out...

I got special treatment. Clean termites. 


Another special treat. I got cooked termites.

They were even on a plate...

I am now about to eat one. It is in my fingers...

and it is done. Gone. Gross.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Must-See Photo; Kenyan Style

I just found this online...

On msn, this lizard is a must see photo...
Image: An African Mwanza Flat-Headed Agama sports colors like Marvel superhero Spider-Man (© Cassio Lopes/Caters News)

msn thinks it looks like spider man...
Guess what?!
I have a picture of the same lizard from when I was in Kenya!!!

 The colors aren't quite so bright, and the picture isn't quite so focused, but it's the same lizard!

This is so cool!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spelling woes

I live in a family of ten, and eight of them are still in the learning stage. The youngest four are under the age  of eight. Something totally insane is that three of the youngest four have odd challenges.

The baby has severe reflux, CP and sensory issues. The second youngest has sensory processing disorder. Then there is a fairly normal boy. Then there is child number 5. She has some learning challenges including dyslexia. Today as I came up the stairs she was writing on the window, and asked me to read what she wrote. 

$1 Fo EcH PRSN To cum iN
She asked me to read it, and I did so (only because I had overheard her tell someone else what she was writing).

She got the happiest smile on her face and asked me if she had spelled it all right." 

I told her no, some of the spelling was a little off. 

She asked which words were miss spelled and I told her. I then offered to help her re-write it correctly. She said yes, and I wrote correct spelling above it.  

She erased the old writing.

And wrote the corrected version.
Didn't she do a great job!?
Unfortunately, it is still backwards from the direction it is supposed to be read...
Oh well!