Saturday, November 9, 2013

So, It's Been a While...

Yeah, it's been a while; over a year even...

And alot has happened.

But unfortunately I can't remember much of it...

It's not that I've forgotten though...

No, there's just alot and.. um... there's been alot.

But anyway, seeing as how pictures are worth a thousand words, I'll let them sum up the year.

Sisters :o)

Passover! (Just to clarify, we aren't Jewish)

Horseradish.. We mixed up the spicy vs. creamy... Oops.

The main plate. We love Passover.

Cake (made with salt in the place of sugar) left with about 500 forks ;0)

And three mustard seeds, growing alongside my faith :o)

So, those are the pictures to basically sum up my year. 

Except one thing- The GAPS diet

We started it for health reasons, and it has been an interesting journey. That will continue for the next LONG time. 

So, that's been my year. Maybe I'll post again soon, but may be not.. I think I'll forget... :o)