Friday, October 31, 2014


I am a college student.
I am 15.
I have problems.
I sometimes feel insecure.
I sometimes want to use my
‘College student’ status
To prove myself worthy to people.
I have failed about a thousand times over.
But that does not make me a failure.
I am more than my mistakes.
            They don’t define me.
                   I know that now.  
                        Let me tell you how…
I have a Savior who is more than all I’ve ever wanted.
            I have hope.
                        I have a Friend who is with me 
through everything.
            He gives me hope.
                        He constantly reminds me that I am 
not alone.
And I am not alone.

I have a new identity in Him.
It isn’t my ability to be perfect 
that determines God’s ability to use me.
It isn’t my performance that determines His love for me.
It isn’t anything
It’s everything about Him.

Can I tell you a secret? 
One that might possibly become everything to you?
He could be your friend too.

I can’t even begin to tell you all that He is.
                                           I just couldn’t - it’s not possible. 
But I can tell you this:
He is more than enough.
He can change your life.
He can take big problems.
He can take problems so minute
That you are sure that 
He doesn’t care about them.
He will  take them.
As soon as you let Him, He will take them away 
and He will become everything to you.