Thursday, October 27, 2011


       At least, that's what I was thinking on October the 13th at 11:00pm. You see, I had just left the hospital after getting surgery. Yes, surgery. Bunion surgery. You see, both my grandmas have bunions. My dad,
has deep arches.

This ended disastrously.

Look at my feet!

So, yeah I got surgery. 

       For the surgery, I woke up at about 5:30 am that morning. It was great; I was up before the sun!! After we got to the hospital, we sat from 6:00 am until 6:30am. Fortunately, my favorite blogger had a new post. The post was very long and, oddly enough, had been posted at 5:11am, not long before I woke up.
       Once they called me back, they took my weight, height, and temperature. Finally, after about 45 minutes at the hospital, we headed for the "Preparation Room." We waited in the prep room for about two hours. During that two hours, I changed, sat, talked, took notes, had my blood drawn, and had an IV started. (Yikes! I HATE NEEDLES and had to be poked three times. They said I have "hide-away-veins.") Just before heading off to the operating room, the doctor came in and put a smiley face on my foot, along with the word, "YES." (This is so they do the correct foot.) Before you ask, yes, I AM totally insane. I asked for the smiley face, did not take the versed until the operating room, and asked many, many, many questions. (This is an uncommon ordeal! I wanted as much information as possible!).
       I specifically asked to get the versed (also known as "I don't give a darn" medicine, according to Mom's old doctor. "Darn" was not the word he used, but he used a naughty word and I'm not old enough to put it in my blog) until I was in the operating room. (And by the way, operating rooms are one of the coolest places EVER! Don't ask my what made it so cool, though. I have NO idea!) The recovery room was pretty cool, too. The nurses gave me food and drink. I was really hungry.
Although surgery is somewhat painful, it is one of the overall best experiences EVER. I LOVE to learn and experience new things(except new food). Surgery gave me an incredible opportunity to enjoy both.

Here are some pictures from before surgery.
This is a picture of what my doctor put on my leg
This is a picture of wasting time being goofy while waiting for surgery

I was bored. Can you tell?

Mom and lil' man wating with me
I love writing! Before surgery, I took notes for writing this post! This was REALLY fun!
They finally got the IV in. See?

Now these are pictures of after surgery.
I looked and felt WAY tired

The real me coming out. More writing!

Like my teddy bear? It came from a tradition of my Nana's. She always got my mom a stuffed animal after surgery, so I asked her to continue the tradition for me! This is what she suprised me with:o)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello World!

I was going to explain some background and lots of other mundane facts, but lots of plain facts can be super tedious. Instead I am just going to start blogging. 

There will be more fun and energetic posts. I can promise you that! (Life with lots of siblings can be that way)

I hope you enjoy learning of Sibilocity. At least my adventures in it ;0)
Sadie Mae