Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Evil Villains...

They come up in most books, movies, and stories.
I am here to tell you that some come up in my daily life too.
Here they are... (that is, the ones in my life)

The Alarm Clock (well not so much the alarm clock, I don't particularly like waking up early enough that I need it)

The Cell Phone (or rather talking on the phone. I simply hate it. It terrifies me...)

Weeds (they are SO hard to get rid of)

Chores (they NEVER end!!!) not really, they just are BORING!!!

Messy Bedrooms (they are seemingly everlasting)

Unmade Beds (uggg. You have to make them every morning...)

and last, the worst villain in history...

MATH  (I am not allowed to say I hate it -even though I do- so I have discovered new ways to express my dislike)

Those are some villains in my life... 

Yours might be different, but I'm pretty sure you have some also.
Enjoy your day:o)

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