Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spelling woes

I live in a family of ten, and eight of them are still in the learning stage. The youngest four are under the age  of eight. Something totally insane is that three of the youngest four have odd challenges.

The baby has severe reflux, CP and sensory issues. The second youngest has sensory processing disorder. Then there is a fairly normal boy. Then there is child number 5. She has some learning challenges including dyslexia. Today as I came up the stairs she was writing on the window, and asked me to read what she wrote. 

$1 Fo EcH PRSN To cum iN
She asked me to read it, and I did so (only because I had overheard her tell someone else what she was writing).

She got the happiest smile on her face and asked me if she had spelled it all right." 

I told her no, some of the spelling was a little off. 

She asked which words were miss spelled and I told her. I then offered to help her re-write it correctly. She said yes, and I wrote correct spelling above it.  

She erased the old writing.

And wrote the corrected version.
Didn't she do a great job!?
Unfortunately, it is still backwards from the direction it is supposed to be read...
Oh well!

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