Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's 2am and I'm Blogging

Wow! I'm really tired and my eyes hurt. 

I just got out of the shower after waking up to the most horrible sensation EVER! 

Corn syrup. 

In. My. Hair. 

"Sounds like fun!" you say.

"I wanna' try it!" you say.

NO, PEOPLE! this is NOT fun and you do NOT wanna try it!

You probably are wondering how I got corn syrup in my hair. Good question! Google didn't have any hints on what to do. I had to figure it out my self.(That was probably a good thing, most of the time Google has some of the dumbest hints ever.) Ok, I'm back from the rabbit trail. 

Last night I had a migraine. It was like a real migraine. Head throbbing, eyes throbbing, bad vision and everything. So I grabbed an ice back, filled with corn syrup, (That was my mistakeand placed it over my eyes. Sigh! I felt so much better. 

The next thing I know, there is something sticky all over. My first thought was to go back to sleep and worrying about it in the morning, (it was 2am after all!) but I decided against it after discovering how difficult it was to sit up to see what had happened.

Quickly I dashed up the stairs, grabbed a towel, and cleaned my hair. Fortunately the corn syrup came out pretty well with a shower(phew!)

After cleansing my hair of the stuff, I realized I still had to worry about my bed, blankets and pillows. 

I soon decided to ditch that whole idea and slept on the couch, although I did get my bedding started in the laundry at my mom's advice.

Now it is three days later, my bedroom is much less sticky, my hair is no longer sticky, my migraine is gone and I am back to my life of Sibilocity. 

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